Contact - Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant


By Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant

  • Release Date: 2015-04-09
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4.5
From 152 Ratings



Three months have passed since the space fleet's arrival, but very little has changed in the skies above planet Earth. Motherships still hover without word, impervious to attack and communication. Spherical shuttles still ferry about, their intentions unclear. But the abductions of select humans have ended and most of those taken have been returned -- dazed, incoherent, and prophesying glory or doom -- but back home where they belong. 

All but nine. Worldwide, only nine seemingly unconnected people remain missing. 

Trapped in their besieged bunker outside Vail, Piper, Trevor, Lila, and Heather wait for one of them. 

All of this has happened before…

For his entire life, Benjamin Bannister has sought the connections that unite the planet's wonders: Egypt's pyramids and Stonehenge, the Band of Holes in Peru and the Cambay Ruins. For years he's pursued evidence that extraterrestrial life is not new to Earth, but has left its footprints in the archeological records over and over again. For years, he was dismissed as a fool. But now the spheres have arrived and Benjamin has found his vindication … along with troubling theories as to what it all means. 

Benjamin's research facility rests on a paranormal hotspot in Moab, Utah -- but Vail, Colorado is where his interests lie. He's sent an emissary to Meyer Dempsey's ranch to find the answer to a question: What makes the Missing Nine so special to the planet's silent invaders? What news will those Nine bring when they return? And what, as the motherships again begin to move like pieces finding positions on a chessboard, will happen next?
…and it will all happen again.

Vail and Moab, Moab and Vail -- two epicenters in the cold alien war. The locations' fates (and the fates of those bunkered at each) seem somehow intertwined as Earth's clock ticks toward midnight. The roads and communications have been closed, but now it seems that the planet's future might depend on a journey from one to the other at all costs. Humanity must find the value of those who have been taken …  or become mere fossil evidence for the archaeologists of the future to puzzle over.

This relentless, page-turning tale of first contact is the second in the Alien Invasion series by masters of story Truant and Platt, authors of The Beam, Robot Proletariat, the Dream Engine series, and many more.


  • Contact

    By HP retired.
    Just like Book 1, too wordy, thin plot. I'm deleting the series.
  • Riveting

    By Cait_lyn
    Every word keeps you on the edge of your seat as if the invasion is in your mind.
  • Wow!

    By Scoooter23
    I haven't had a book capture me like this in a long time. I am about to start the second and then so on and so on!... But wow! Amazing read and looking forward to the next few!
  • Contact

    By nick1225
    This second book lets you get to know the characters, giving hints of what is to come. Each person plays a vital part in the plot and it kept me turning pages and not wanting to miss anything. Can't wait to start the next book in this series. Fantastic imagination from the authors.
  • Great series.

    By Use browser instead
    So far (2books) everything comes together nicely. It all connects and makes sense. Can't wait to read #3. Great work.
  • Great read

    By Bvreal
    A page turner for sure! Enjoyed this one even more than the first one. It keeps you guessing and the end keeps you guessing. Can't wait to read number 3!
  • Page turner..

    By 8bitme!
    Enjoyed the first and so jumped into this one. Pretty darn good. Ready for the next!
  • Second in the series was better than the first

    By RogW
    This is the continuation of the alien invasion and it does not disappoint!!!! The cool thing about this is that the aliens are ever present but don't "take over" the story. The humans are the center of the story and their interactions create just the right amount of tension and suspense.
  • Great, Easy Read

    By Deke999
    Liking the series so far. If you like solid character development and a brisk pace you will like this series.
  • Great reads!!

    By stitch296
    I highly recommend these books. I've Read the first two so far and about to purchase the next one. They are well written and easy to read. The development of the characters draw you in and I've found myself rooting for my favorites. Even though science fiction about aliens has been written by thousands of authors, these books have enough twists and depth to keep it interesting. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. PS - even though they offer them for free, I'm happy to pay the nominal charge instead to support good, new authors struggling to get their work published!!