Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything

By Nicola Yoon

  • Release Date: 2015-09-01
  • Genre: Coming of Age
Score: 5
From 959 Ratings


The instant #1 New York Times bestseller--soon to be a major motion picture! In theaters May 19, it stars Amandla Stenberg as Maddy and Nick Robinson as Olly.

Risk everything . . . for love.

What if you couldn’t touch anything in the outside world? Never breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun warm your face . . . or kiss the boy next door? In Everything, Everything, Maddy is a girl who’s literally allergic to the outside world, and Olly is the boy who moves in next door . . . and becomes the greatest risk she’s ever taken. 

My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.
But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He's tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.
Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.

Everything, Everything will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything in between. It's an innovative,  inspiring, and heartbreakingly romantic debut novel that unfolds via vignettes, diary entries, illustrations, and more. 

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  • Amazing life changing book

    By Monkey Bella girl
    I am a very religious book reader I love reading all different kinds of books. This was by far one of the best books I have ever read it was romantic and funny and I never saw the ending coming. This will be a book I will read over and over just like Maddy in the book. I wpild recommend this to anyone who loves a twist ending romantic novel. 5 out of 5!!!!
  • Didn't Put it Down

    By City Artist
    I recently went to the movie theater and saw a trailer for "Everything, Everything" while waiting for a different movie. I instantly knew it was interesting at first sight. After looking up the book and reading the sample, I purchased it and finished it within the day. It was fascinating and different and you couldn't rip the tablet from my grasp. I definitely recommend this book because it made you think, imagine and fall in love with it's characters. And I think if any book does that than it is worth your time.
  • Didn't read the book, but can't wait for the movie

    By HavaababajanznJznznzjsnzb
    Go see the trailer
  • Must read !

    By jake_memo1
    Beautiful in every way possible! Would definitely read it again !
  • Great book!

    By TriviaCrackPlaya
    The book had an interesting twist, but a very cute love story! I finished the book very quickly! I wonder if there is a sequel to Olly and Maddy's love story?!
  • This book was Fantastic😄!!!

    By Ivonne909
    I can't wait for the movie. I especially loved the ending!
  • Recommend it!

    By CeceGonzalez
    It's amazing
  • This book was absolutely wonderful

    By Mirrrracleere
    I was kind of confused about her disease and her moms job. I hope the movie is very more detailed and put together.
  • Best book ever

    By Melanie Stephens
    This was one of the best books I've read in a long time. It has so many meanings and ends perfectly!
  • Oh My Goodness

    By Brittany11412
    This book was amazing. I read it in about 6 hours, I simply couldn't put it down! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

    By Vickrod
    I started this book and by the end of the day I finished it!! It is a fast read and I couldn't put it down once I started! It makes you love life, love Maddy and Olly, and everything in between! Can't wait for the movie. Would definitely recommend the book!!
  • Excellent read

    By NachoWard
    Great book kept me coming back

    By Jktejrjo
  • Amazing!

    By Summer12345678910summergirl
    I absolutely love this book! I read a while ago and it is still one of my favorites!

    By Kelly();
    There was never a moment where I got bored! I literally couldn't put it down! Every chapter I read, I get glued onto it and there was a moment where I just read the same chapter/ page over and over. You got my 5 star rating 🌟 Nicola Yoon, you are my favorite author!😍
  • Loved

    By Liaeah
    I loved this book soooo much!!!! This is one of my favorites
  • Love

    By Kyahmichelle
    Read the entire book beginning to end in 2 days. I wanted more with every page.
  • Everything everything is everything

    By moneemoouu
    Absolutely loved the book. Witty heartbreaking writing made it impossible to stop. Can't wait for the movie!
  • Everything

    By Kenzi 22
    I normally don't read, but boy i loved this book. I want more like it. Can't wait for the movie
  • love this book

    By Jennpbaez
    Can't wait for the film!
  • Worth Reading

    By Kikistar456
    Im adding this book to my all time favorites. IT WAS TRULY AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL, i wish it was longer 😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭
  • Yes.

    By To 700
    My emotions, guys. My emotions are scared.
  • Not What I Expected

    By jnikki3
    This book was not at all what I expected. On the contrary, it was much better. It made me look at life in a way I hadn't before.
  • Not Impressed

    This book was fine but it seems like I'm constantly reading the same story line over and over with different character names. It's constantly girl falls for guy who she thinks is way out of her league and a tragedy unfolds with a somewhat happy ending. It just gets boring after a while.
  • Everything,Everything

    By Sarah.vern
    Great book👍🏼
  • Amazing read, definitely recommend this novel.

    By JudelineR
  • Anxiety-Provoking

    By .chill.
    So I guess it's not really all that anxiety-provoking until certain parts... but at those certain parts my stomach was twisting and I was starting to cry because I just wanted that happy ending. Take note I do this with almost every book I read.
  • In awe!

    By Martyp94
    Best book by far!! Although the ending leaves you in shock wondering what's next. Overall great book!! Can't wait for the movie!!
  • Wow

    By Sweetly134
    It was the most amazing novel I've ever read. I finished this book in 2 days staying up till 11pm on night 1 and not doing homework either. It is so so so good!
  • Amazing✨

    By Dup608
    READ IT I LOVED IT!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Lit

    By aztrorisk
    This book was the snizzle to my dizzle
  • Honest Review

    By mikaylaaaa1000992
    I'm going to be completely honest. I haven't read a book in a long time but this book was worth the wait. I am so blown away by how the author wrote the book and how there was a unexpected plot twist. I highly recommend this book!! Also I am very excited to see this book turned into a movie and see how it associates with the book!
  • Predictably simple.

    By ChelseaC0n27
    Cute read, but very quick read. I finished the whole thing in about 3 hours. It was written well, but very simply. I'm 27, and I felt like the book is targeted towards teens based on the easy vocabulary, but I wanted to read it since it is going to be a movie. It was also very predictable, and I felt like their relationship seemed rushed and lacked depth. I usually cry when reading romance books, but I didn't even get close with this one. Like I said, it was cute, but not emotionally gripping.
  • Love

    By Make1234
    I showed all emotions when reading this book!

    By PringlesMomma
    This book was overall the best!!! I suggest it for 13+.
  • Everything Everything

    By Book jacket
    Great book! Don't miss this one. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to stay with the characters who felt so real to me that I believed they were real. Best ending ever!! And scientific philosophy that made me think about the life I'm living and how to be happy!
  • Everything, Everything

    By I ❣️ books
    This book is amazing. It was recommended to me by a friend. I was doubtful at first, but I'm so glad I read it!!