The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale

By Kristin Hannah

  • Release Date: 2015-02-03
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4.5
From 6,725 Ratings


In love we find out who we want to be.
In war we find out who we are.
FRANCE, 1939
In the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the Front.  She doesn’t believe that the Nazis will invade France...but invade they do, in droves of marching soldiers, in caravans of trucks and tanks, in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent. When a German captain requisitions Vianne’s home, she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything. Without food or money or hope, as danger escalates all around them, she is forced to make one impossible choice after another to keep her family alive.
Vianne’s sister, Isabelle, is a rebellious eighteen-year-old girl, searching for purpose with all the reckless passion of youth.  While thousands of Parisians march into the unknown terrors of war, she meets Gäetan, a partisan who believes the French can fight the Nazis from within France, and she falls in love as only the young can...completely.  But when he betrays her, Isabelle joins the Resistance and never looks back, risking her life time and again to save others.
With courage, grace and powerful insight, bestselling author Kristin Hannah captures the epic panorama of WWII and illuminates an intimate part of history seldom seen: the women’s war.   The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France--a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women.  It is a novel for everyone, a novel for a lifetime.


  • Couldn't put it down

    By Brobin7
    Such a wonderful read. Riveting and beautiful for a story of love and hardship from WWII. Can't wait to read more of Kristin Hannah's books
  • Best book I ever read. Love love love

    By santodomingoypuertorico
    From the first paragraph to the very last sentence, this book shook me from inside out. To say I love you at every chance we get to those close to us, but most important, to love our family no matter who they are. To be strong and courageous, b/c you never know what life brings ahead.
  • Gripping Story

    By Cimpleton
    The Nightingale is the most gripping book I have ever read. I literally could not out it down. Kristin Hannah's portrayal of two young French girls living through WW II is written beautifully with such vivid detail that it grabbed me from page one and would not let me go. I was angry and I cried more during this story than with any other I have ever read. I loved this book even though it was sometimes hard to read because of the horrendous happenings. Thank you Kristin Hannah for you tremendous writing.
  • Superb

    By Kailsahisami
    One of the best novels I've ever read!
  • The Nightengale

    By Gamebroad
    About Nazi occupied France. About ordinary women and men, who don't think they can but do, the impossible. About human courage in the face of human barbarism. Ultimately about survival and the victory of love. Could not put this book down.
  • The Nightengale

    By Midwest gal 101
    A great book. One of the best I have read in a very long time. A book that I will remember for a long time too.
  • Breathless

    By Olivia_AEIOU
    So I literally finished this book, and all I can say is wow. The adventure, the sorrow, the grit and determination the characters had to go through, and the awful things the Nazi's put them through. When you thought there was nothing left for them to lose, no more pain that could be felt, it got worse. Such a beautifully written book. I am a 25 year old female and my 56 year old father read this book, too. We had so much to discuss afterwards. Thank you for this treasure.
  • Nightingale

    By Jer1pol
    Incredibly well written, beautiful prose that elicits wonderful imagery in a movie in your minds eye. A story that represents the confrontation reality of thousands of people during WWII from so many perspectives. You engage intimately with specific characters and as this fiction reveals itself you know I they were real and there were thousands of them. Thoughtfully reveals a coming of age like no other for multiple generations.
  • Raw humanity at its finest

    By Jrw387
    Incredible story about the uncertainties of life and how quickly everything can change. Makes you realize how short and fragile life can be while at the same time understanding what can be overcome through a humans will to survive. Read this book!
  • Engaging and beautifully written

    By butter
    I'm not usually interested in historical fiction, let alone a WWII novel, but this book had me fully immersed. The characters were well constructed and their situations so vivid I cried at many moments. I especially liked how this book tells the story of women's lives during the war and the sacrifices and contributions they made. There are a couple of stories in here borrowed from real life, and I'm glad these women's stories got to be told for they are true heros of the war. My only complaint is the ending wrapped up a bit too quickly and tidily, but it was satisfying none the less.
  • My favorite book

    By Desireebelveal
    This is the best book I've ever read in my life. I love reading. This year I think I read about 40 books. So believe me when I say it's good. I also had my brother read it. He's half way right now and started a week ago. So amazing.
  • Perfectly Written

    By Joe_poppa
    I'm a Nelson Demille, James Patterson reader but takes chances on Bestsellers. It's a hit or miss for me mostly. This book was a hit with me. I used to live in Germany and used to frequent France for its war history more than the tourist hype of Paris. This story helped me through my cancer treatment and brought back memories of my visits in France and the war history that I learned there. One of the best books I've read in awhile and quite emotional. I love books that create characters that I can truly care and cheer for.
  • My first book review ever....

    By conroy87
    This book doesn't just touch your heart, it grips it. You will cry numerous times due to the detailed descriptions that makes you feel what is happening. The Nightingale is an amazing and emotional journey that I read in 2-days.
  • Powerful story - a must read

    By SLDawgUGA
    I highly recommend this amazingly powerful novel of sacrifice and will to survive. I found myself in tears - moved by these two women -beautiful read.
  • Beautiful, memorable, heart-breaking

    By Danimac82
    I couldn't put this book down, even when I was sobbing my eyes out. Wonderful!!!
  • The nightingale

    By Ktharmon57
    Excellent read! Now I want to read all her books
  • Blown away

    By Seatirtleclm
    I've always been fascinated with war time stories. This was so well written and so intriguing that I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read another of her books!
  • Shed tears..

    By alsvrsdlsi
    Be prepared to wipe off your tears as often as you can while reading this well written, riveting book..
  • Beauty amidst the horror

    By Terikosan
    I am an avid reader of holocaust survivor stories. This book was beautifully written and as close to realism that a work of fiction could be. What is remembered is the love, sacrifice and sheer beauty that shine and break through the evil and darkness.
  • Nightengale

    By 2sonz
    Sooo good!
  • Heart Wrenching and Wonderful

    By Thomps53
    Beautifully written. The connection between these sister's was heart warming. The horrors of war made clear and the effects on the human spirit. Heart wrenching and hard to read at times, but I couldn't put it down. Ms Hannah's descriptions are spell binding and her writing real an honest.
  • Great read

    By PAYJ
    Well written and very moving.
  • My new favorite

    By MajuNey
    A new page turner for me. A loving and powerfull story that changes your perspective of the great WWII, demonstrating the power of women and their important role along the fight. Kristin Hannah beatuiffuly balances the essenece of love with the grief and darkness of war through the Rossignol sisters. I couldn’t put the book down and now that I turned the last page, I wish I could keep indulging myself Hannah’s inspirational creation.
  • We survived

    By Sussap86
    Compelling words that resounded throughout the book. I cried my eyes out many times and can't help comparing this story to the horror in Syria today. However, it helped me to remember that we do survive somehow. Both in our day to day lives and as a world.
  • Enlightening story of love, hate, and secrets

    By Maria3lv
    Author did a fabulous job of reminding us of the forgotten truths at such a horrific time in history . This story shows how fragile life truly is and how it can change in an instant. I could not put the book down. I cried and my heart ached for so many throughout the story. To be able to weave a love story into this tale was amazing. Beautifully written.
  • The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah

    By xo Jules
    This book was fantastic. I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning just to finish this book; I couldn't put this book down tonight. Read it. It's an utterly fabulous story filled with drama, intrigue, love, loss, betrayal, redemption, everything that makes a great novel.
  • Nightingale

    By Lit erary man
    One of the best book I've ever read.
  • Must read

    By sarababy
    Without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read.
  • The Nightingale

    By Debikay45
    This is one of the most moving novels I've ever read. I was right there with the characters. In the past, some books have faded in time. I'll never forget this one. Highly recommended.
  • Great Story

    By Peter 14
    Best book I've read this year. Artfully written...
  • Nightingale

    By KAT Graves
    Thank you for this truly moving book. May we never let something like this EVER happen again. It was a hard read sometime, but stories like this need to be told.God Bless those who went thru horrid times such as this!
  • Best Book I've Read in Years

    By Lauren DT
    I LOVED this book. The story was beautifully written and the characters were strong and real. I would highly recommend this book
  • The nightingale

    By Brucegordon_928
    This is a terrible book. The plot is totally derivative. The characters are not believable. I could not wait for it to end (predictable as it was).
  • The Nightingale

    By Naples FL Realtor
    I could not put this book down. It had it all. Historically based book with drama, love, family and endless human spirit.
  • Great Story

    By TaraBaraCO
    I loved this book.
  • Nightingale

    By Painter mouse
    Awesome! Beautifully written and hard to put down.
  • Wonderful book

    By Altmusic fan
    This was my first Kristin Hannah book and I am now a fan. This book is beautifully written. She writes so descriptively that you feel like you are a fly in the wall during each scene. I really felt the pain and struggle the lead character was going through. And I must say that the ending took me by surprise. A must read for those who love historical fiction like All the Light We Cannot See.