Blonde Date - Sarina Bowen

Blonde Date

By Sarina Bowen

  • Release Date: 2014-07-06
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 25 Ratings


A blind date. A nervous sorority girl. A mean-spirited fraternity prank. What could possibly go wrong?

As a sorority pledge, there are commandments that Katie Vickery must live by. One: thou shalt not show up for the party without a date. Two: the guy shall be an athlete, preferably an upperclassman.

Unfortunately, Katie just broke up with her jerkface football player boyfriend. Even worse, her last encounter with him resulted in utter humiliation. She'd rather hide under the bed than attend a party where he'll be.

Yet staying home would mean letting him win.

Enjoying herself tonight was out of the question. She could only hope to get through the evening without her blind date noticing that he was spending the evening with a crazy person.

Andrew Baschnagel is living proof that nice guys don't finish first. He's had his eye on Katie since the moment her long legs waltzed into his art history class. So when her roommate sets Andy up to be Katie's date, he'd be crazy to say no. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a lot of practice with either girls or parties. Yet.

BLONDE DATE is a 24,000 word novella.


  • Cute, funny and dreamy

    By CarolGN
    When she’d called to invite me to this thing, she’d opened with “you don’t know me…” But she’d been wrong. Very wrong. I knew exactly who she was. Andrew Baschnagel had noticed Katie before. The pretty blond girl with long legs was always present in his Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Art History class. The problem is: she would never notice him. Girls like her would always be more interested in the football or hockey players. And, despite being a basketball player himself, “ nice guys usually got friend-zoned. That wasn’t only true in movies. I was living proof.” Katie Vickery, the beautiful sorority pledge that had the confidence of a mountain a week ago, was now questioning everything about her: her choices, her outfit, her qualifications for a date… And that last one was what brought on her all these doubts. Humiliated and dateless, she doesn’t know what to do when skipping her sorority party is out of question. The solution: going to that party with a blind date and hope to get through the evening. First of all, I’d like to say that Sarina Bowen is that type of author that get characters you thought would be shallow and devoid of good things and surprises you with great stories behind them. This first happened when I read The Year We Hid Away with Bridge (like I said in its review), and now with Blond Date, with Katie. In the other book, I really thought that Katie was one of those dumb blond sorority girls with nothing in their minds except for having sex, drinking a lot and (in the future) marry a rich and, possibly, older man. Now, I have to apologize for my stereotyped thinking. She’s a nice girl and she was able to notice that some of her choices are twisted and that she should do something about them… Now, Andy? Ai ai… He reminds me a lot of Matt from Flat-Out Love. Andy is sweet and nerdy in a “pretty cute for a skinny guy” package. He’s so nervous when around Katie that you can’t help but grin at it. He sometimes tries so hard to impress her, but some other times he aaawwwwwws her without any effort. “Every Jewish family needs a doctor. […] I might go to law school, though. That’s second best” “My mom doesn’t care what I do, just as long as I look pretty doing it” “Well, at least one of us is a shoo-in for meeting the parental expectations.” He sees Katie is hiding something related to a fraternity guy, he just doesn’t know what it is. However, he still wants to help her relax and enjoy the party/date no matter what. “You want me to punch him for you? I’ve never won a fight in my life, but this seems like a good cause.” Things that made me LOL hard: 1) Andy’s sister’s texts. 2) The party game. I’m playing this for sure… 3) Andy’s exes. And the Epilogue? Ha-ha! Karma is a beatchy (no, I have no idea how to write it... Good thing you understand me!) The good thing about this novella is how much time you spend smiling/laughing while reading it… It’s cute, funny and dreamy. The bad thing? It’s only a novella. I wish I could read more about these two…
  • Wonderful short story

    By Love Me Some Romance
    This short story from the Ivy Years collection was a joy to read. A friend recommended it to me, and I owe her a debt of gratitude. When I sat down to read, I planned to just go through the first few chapters. An hour later, I finished the final page! The characters were so appealing - I really rooted for them. And, like all well-drawn protagonists, I saw a bit of myself in them too. "What was the secret event that Katie concealed?” “Would Andy be appreciated?” "How would their story end?" These were the questions that kept me turning the pages, and turning them quickly. Great story!