Leap (A Wife-Watching Romance) - Kenny Wright

Leap (A Wife-Watching Romance)

By Kenny Wright

  • Release Date: 2013-01-09
  • Genre: Erotic Romance


On February 29, a day that comes just once every four years, Jack Carter announces that, “What happens on Leap Day stays on Leap Day.” His wife Sarah knows he’s up to something, and when he explains that today is a day to take risks and get a little crazy, she grasps what it is: he wants to watch her with another man.

Jack had the fantasy first; and at first, Sarah didn’t understand it. Hell, neither did Jack. All he knew was that the thought of his wife in the arms of another man was exciting; the build-up, the flirtation, the act, even his nauseous jealousy always got him hard. Sarah didn’t deny her own arousal, especially when her coworker, David, began taking the role of imagined lover. He was fit, hot, and most importantly, he was attracted to her.

Neither Jack nor Sarah ever thought they’d take the plunge from reality to fantasy. It was too risky. Too crazy. With February 29 just beginning, will it be the day they finally make the leap?