All In: Strip Poker Done Right - Kenny Wright

All In: Strip Poker Done Right

By Kenny Wright

  • Release Date: 2013-03-05
  • Genre: Erotica


Play strip poker? Ben never thought he would. Not with his wife, Amy, and especially not with their a*****e friend, Scott. Lawyers all three, they were more likely to strip their opponents of pride, not clothing.

Not that Ben wasn't intrigued--especially in the company of two attractive couples with a history of flirtation. He'd love to see either woman naked; he just wasn't sure how he felt about the guys ogling his wife. But when the wine begins to flow, inhibitions loosen, and clothes start coming off, he discovers a part of himself that's turned on by the attention Amy commands.

Soon, the three couples are caught in the throes of high-stakes poker. Secrets come out, things get wild, and Ben discovers a side of his wife he never knew existed.