Just Watch Me (Naughty Wife Games) - Kenny Wright

Just Watch Me (Naughty Wife Games)

By Kenny Wright

  • Release Date: 2013-04-19
  • Genre: Erotica


Dean and Danielle have been playing their game for the past year now: they'd enter a bar as strangers and see what happens. Sometimes, Dean "picked" her up. Other times, he sat back and watched her flirt with other men. And every time, they ended the night together, their passion rekindled.

Jealousy and excitement warred within Dean, but the thrill was becoming too great to ignore. For Danielle, the game had awoken feelings within her she thought long buried--feelings that scared as much as they excited.

Then came the Hawaii trip. Hundreds of miles from home, was this the opportunity to take things further than they'd ever dared? When Sandy approached Danielle at the swanky bar/lounge, full of surfer-swagger and sun-kissed good looks, the answer was clear.