Stegian - Mandy M. Roth & Reagan Hawk


By Mandy M. Roth & Reagan Hawk

  • Release Date: 2017-08-29
  • Genre: Paranormal


Stegian is a man held prisoner in his own body by a vampire demon. A demon hell bent on ridding the planet of all Janelles. He rules by fear and he rules well. But, when a mysterious, gorgeous woman arrives late one night, tempting him, claiming to want to save him from himself, everything changes. He longs for her and wants to believe her words are true—that she can separate him from the vampire he carries within. Dare he hope? Dare he believe?

Jacquelyn Janelle is no longer held to the same rules that apply to her people. She’s ascended and gained valuable insight into the universe and its plans for one thought lost to evil. More than that, she’s fully aware who he is to her—her true mate. She’ll stop at nothing to assure she saves him, even if it’s from himself.


  • Stegian

    By R. Manor
    Mandy Roth - Stygian: Paranormal Shifter Fated Mate Galactic SciFi Military Romance (Interstellar Alphas Book 4) Finally the story of Stegian, the evil supernatural villain of the series. Somehow there's always two sides to a villain and how evil overtook his soul and Stegian is no exception. Stegian was a sorcerer/vampire having been turned forcefully while still on earth. Though this was a catastrophic event Stegian was able to keep this evil presence in check for many years. Fast forward to the eviction of "others" from earth, Stegian's spacecraft makes an emergency landing on a strange planet. The planets strong supernatural forces have an immediate effect on him the minute his foot hits the ground and his evil demon roars into dominance overtaking any bits of humanity Stegian could fight it off with. For over 150!years Stegian fed off fear, blood, mind control bringing death and destruction, terrorizing the planet and ruthlessly ruling his team. Jacquelyn, one of the Janelle sisters, has been mentioned often in the previous books. Years ago she was attacked by Stegian and her battered body now exists in stasis fully dependent on life support. Although her body is held prisoner her mind continues to grow and she is able project her consciousness and communicate with her family as a hologram. Through the years she has ""ascended " mentally and is able to leave her body, although she has kept this from her family. Now a mature grown woman Jacquelyn recognizes Stegian as her Mate . How to separate the demon from the good man/sorcerer being kept prisoner in its own body becomes her mission. Stegian is drawn to her vision immediately not knowing she is a part of the family he has always considered enemies. This sets the book on an emotional, dangerous, tension filled rollercoaster of events as Stegian and Jacquelyn battle what seems to be the impossible. Throughout the book the other characters and couples from the previous books play integral parts of the story. Many loose ends are tied up with much justice dealt out by the HEA. A few open questions are left as well so possibly there will be at least one more book in the series. A short but entertaining page turner of a book and welcome addition to the series. Highly suggest reading the other books in the series first for clarity and full enjoyment.
  • The Demon Within

    By DonnaHok
    It’s the demons fault, at least that’s what Jacquelyn says about Stegian. Jacquelyn is the youngest of the Janelle family. She’s been hooked up to a machine to keep her body alive since she was a little girl. The machine even let her communicate outside of her body. But a few years back she expanded so much energy helping to save Lorelei that something happened. Somehow, she has ascended beyond her body. But she still goes back to help herself recharge. Jacquelyn believes she can help Stegian rid himself of the demon that resides in his body. Dare he hope to be rid of the vampire he carries within him? And what happens if he can? Will anyone ever trust him after all the horrors he and the demon have done to so many? Very entertaining story to read. Though this is part of a series, it is still a self-contained story.